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“I am getting more customer leads than I ever have. I would highly recommend them.”
“Google search for our website has dramatically improved in a short couple of months!”
“After being burnt by the past 3 web developers, it’s great to get a company that knows what they are doing.”
“Our SEO has seen huge improvements since they started working with us.”

Local & Organic SEO

How did you end up here? Chances are you found us from a Google search. We can get the same results for your business.

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Web Design

Increase conversions with a professionally designed website. Modern, effective and affordable.

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Social Media Marketing

Improve branding, exposure, and referrals by enhancing your social media presence. Tailored, calculated and powerful.

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How We Grow Your Business

No Contracts. No Hassle. No Nonsense.

No Contracts

When it comes to SEO, we believe the results should speak for themselves. If you aren’t getting the results you are paying for, you should not be forced to keep paying. We only offer month-to-month, cancel anytime plans.

Increase Traffic

We have a proven track record of getting our clients’ top Google rankings, resulting in an increase of traffic to their site. More traffic gets you more impressions. More impressions means more customers.

Increase Phone Calls

What’s the point of getting a lot of traffic if users simply leave right away? We will build you a modern and engaging, call-to-action website that will entice your potential customers and have them picking up the phone.


We are members of a national SEO group which includes some of the best SEOs in the world. Together we stay on top of Google’s algorithm updates and consistently improve our tactics.

Monthly Reporting

How could you pay into something every month without seeing your progress? We feel you should know what’s going on with your marketing campaign. Each month you will receive a full report showing you your progress and results.

In-House Marketing

Our SEO is done completely in-house with 100% white-hat techniques. We do everything right from the beginning to protect the integrity of the campaign, and consistently show results.

Social Media Exposure

We can optimize your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Google+ Pages. We can widen your online presence and increase your referrals by using a calculated and tailored Social Media strategy.

Web Design

Whether you need a modern and engaging lead generater to dominate Google searches or whether you need a creative, artistic, platform to showcase your work, we won’t let you down.

Web Design Attributes

Modern & Clean

We create our designs with your consumer in mind. Whether you’re selling products or building a lead list, each site we build is tailored to you and built for conversion. If you don’t see something on our portfolio that matches what you’re looking for, feel free to call us anytime to describe your project. Our customer experience for web design was carefully constructed to deliver great quality at an affordable rate.

Search Engine Optimized

Each site is built from the ground up to be search engine friendly. Google and other search engines have a hierarchy for the content on each page of your site. On-page SEO is about optimizing the content on your site to accentuate the importance and relevance of each page. This first step is crucial (and often overlooked) if you want to obtain online exposure. Without optimizing your on-page content, Google will randomly categorize your pages rather than categorizing them based off your best keywords.

Easy to Edit

Many of our clients have us take care of their website edits for them. Some of our other clients like to update their site themselves. Whichever way you choose, the initial build of the website will require custom coding, however making changes and updates to your site is pretty easy. Included with every web design is a coaching session upon completion to ensure you are comfortable navigating through your new site and making changes as needed.

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Competitive Edge

Many businesses already have a steady flow of traffic to their websites but don’t seem to be receiving a steady flow of customers. Worse, some companies spend thousands in marketing and still don’t get phone calls. The main reason for this is an outdated or simply unappealing website. A successful Phoenix Web design isn’t about having the most stylish or ostentatious site; it is about converting online users into new customers. Your website is often the first impression you will make on a potential new client. If you want to receive more phone calls, your site needs to look better and rank higher than your competition. Our websites are modern, easy to edit, and search engine optimized.

Our Story

We are a couple of guys that worked for the largest hosting provider in the world for many years. We moved up within the company several times but never felt we could truly help the customer the way we wanted to. We needed total control over the service being delivered. Premier Web Development started as a Web Design & SEO side-business. It wasn’t long before we started obtaining excellent results for our clients. We left our full-time jobs, rented out an office in Chandler, Arizona, and began helping local businesses grow online. Now that we have control over every Web Design and SEO campaign, we can provide both excellent results and a great customer experience.


How did you end up here? More than likely, you did a Google search for Phoenix Web Design or Chandler SEO and found us at the top of the results. We offer the same service to you as we give ourselves. Premier Web Development can get your business to the top of the search results where daily users are searching for your products or services. SEO is the key to any great inbound marketing campaign. If you want customers to come to you, then SEO is the right solution to growing your business.

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Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of building your website’s trust and relevance for particular “target” keywords so that your site shows up high in search results. Showing up high in search results is crucial if you want any leads to come from your website. Users are searching for your product or service thousands of times a day. If your business shows up the high in their results, you can expect a steady flow of new sales. Chandler SEO is a long-term solution and is a rigorous process. However, once top rankings are achieved, it is bound to be the most lucrative investment your business has made.

Search Engines like Google have sophisticated algorithms to determine what order websites will show up in their search results. Depending on your content and backlinks, you may do very well in search results, or you may do quite poorly. Google looks at your on-page content to tell what the page is about and thus what to rank you for. On-page SEO is about putting certain information (i.e. keywords) needs to be found in certain places to give it more importance. There are many other factors as well, such as the number of times a particular keyword is used on the page, and how high up on the page it is featured. Our SEO services include full on-page optimization.

SEO is also about having plenty of quality backlinks. A backlink is any link from one website to another. Every time another site links to yours, it is like a vote of confidence, saying “this site has good content.” The type of links matter. If you have a hardware store, then a link coming from your neighbor’s cat blog won’t mean much. However, a link coming from a nationally recognized hardware forum will mean a lot. When a reputable site has content about the same subject as your business and links to your site, it’s telling Google that they are recommending the content on your page. This process makes your website seem more trustworthy and do well in search results.

There are hundreds of factors that go into SEO in Chandler and the algorithm changes all the time. You need to hire a company that not only knows what they are doing but can stay up to date on Google’s algorithm updates. We pride ourselves on being able to stay current, show results, and retain clients. Half of our business comes from inbound phone calls from Google Searches because we’ve ranked ourselves at the top of the search results with SEO. The other half comes from referrals because we provide an honest, no hassle, lucrative service.

Local SEO (Google Maps or Map Pack)

Local SEO is often the most lucrative investment a business makes. When you’re looking for a local business, you pull out your phone or jump on your computer and do a quick Google Search. Typically, you’ll type in “service” and “location” (e.g. roof repair Chandler). The first thing that comes up is a Google map showing you various businesses in the area. Below the map is three business listings with their name, address, a link to call, and a link to their website. People refer to this section as the “Map Pack” and if you own a local business, this is prime real estate. Local SEO is about getting your business the online exposure, accuracy, and consistency, it needs for Google to consider you one of the most trustworthy local businesses in your area. Local SEO usually only takes a few months and is one of the best ways to increase your online exposure and start generating more leads.

Top Map Pack Presence

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